Sunday, March 25, 2012

A front yard update

We had an old, warn out front porch that was original to our home.  It was a real eyesore- chipping paint, sagging wood planks, and rusty iron rails.  Our home doesn't have the most curb appeal in the first place and this definately didn't help.

After getting a quote for maintanance free decking vs. cedar, I had to go with the cedar. It was half the amount and I couldn't justify the other (hopefully I didn't make the wrong decision!)

I left for work at 7am with this...


and came home at 6pm to find this...

I call them the porch fairy :)  I wish everything around the home would go this easy...

The house is so long that the previous porch's iron railing didn't provide substance.  The new one may not be the most unique design ever but it grounds the home by providing a focal point and balances out the horizontal lines. It is also timeless and will be great for resale in the future.

Now I'm going to wait a few weeks for the wood to dry before I stain it.  Any color thoughts?


eleven-o-one said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks really nice. that black around the base of your house? Maybe a black stain on the porch, too, and some greenery/flowers on either side of the door. Or you could leave it natural wood. We have two decks in the back yard that we keep a natural color. We just re-sealed them this weekend. It's a once a year job, however. I love the look of natural wood. I'm sure whatever you choose will look great!